About A2A Trading Pte Ltd

A2A Trading Pte Ltd has been heavily involved in Korban activities on a national level since 1997. They act as consultants for companies that import live animals into Singapore for the annual korban. They also import chilled Korban meat from Australia for Singapore Korban participants, as well as performing worldwide Korban rites’ projects. 

In 2012, and for the first time in Singapore, the Muslim community was able to get their Korban meat directly from Australia. This was a maiden Korban project by A2A Trading Pte Ltd.
The Korban animals were slaughtered in a fully halal abattoir in Australia on the day of Eid, and the carcasses were cleaned, cut, chilled and packed in boxes and air flown directly to Singapore. The whole process of selection of sheep, slaughtering, cleaning, packing and shipping was supervised by our Muslim representatives in Australia.

In 2013, A2A Trading Pte Ltd, also for the first time in Singapore, brought in Korban slaughtered beef from Australia. This idea came about as a result of getting invaluable feedback from Korban participants, who longed for the taste of fresh beef.

In 2015, again for the first time in Singapore, A2A Trading brought Korban slaughtered lamb from Australia. This was also in response to some feedback from our Korban participants who had developed a taste for lamb meat after obtaining live Irish lambs imported by MES Pte Ltd during the annual live Korban at the mosques.

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