Past Qurban/Aqiqah Projects

For the year 2019/1440H, our Korban operation was held at Grobogan, a small town approximately 40km to the east of Semarang, the capital of Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. We worked in collaboration with Pondok Pesantren Miftahul Huda located at Desa Ngroto,Kecamatan Gubug, Kabupaten Grobogan.
In total we slaughtered 322 sheeps for korban, aqiqah and nazar. The meat was distributed together with korban livestock from other organizations to the needy family in nearby villages and surrounding small towns.
Qurban in Cambodia. Qurban performed in the area of Kampot, serving 55000 muslims. We intend to give 1 kg of beef per family. So let us together help our brothers and sisters in Kampot, Cambodia.

We are here at Masjid Al-Firdaus. Some of the daging korban this year in 2019 are being allocated to MYF for this Nasi Briyani for Bhaiyas.

The sheep, lambs and cattle for korban and aqiqa done in Australia have arrived in Singapore. Distribution for Sunday 18 August 2019.


Our approved partner has been busy with cutting the Australia Korban meat and putting them into the appropriate portion. This process is being held at an approved abattoir in Singapore. (2019)

Ibadah Qurban Kemboja 2019

Ibadah Qurban Cambodia 2019

Ibadah Qurban 2016 – 2018


You may have heard the news about the rising water level of the Mekong river AND it is causing floods in certain provinces of Cambodia.
As of today, the condition has worsens at Tbong Khmum. Thousands were displaced from their homes. Crops and livestock were severely damaged by the flood.
We, A2A Trading Pte Ltd, have decided to raise 200 sets of rice and noodle packs to be distributed to 200 families that are affected by the flood.
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